12/25/17: Mark's "Market Talk" Blog

Since the markets have very little excitement right now I think I will bypass the normal grain comments I share each week. This is Christmas! It is a time to reflect on the year past and share the hope of a better new year. It is time to remember a birth many years ago that changed the world forever. It is a time to give thanks for all that we have, especially the freedoms we enjoy in our great country.

Recently I tuned into a local radio show where a gentleman was telling stories that had been told to him by veterans from various wars the United States has been in. The stories that really sparked my interest were about the “un-official” cease fire agreements that happened several times on Christmas Day. They told of soldiers on the front lines coming together on Christmas Day and how they shared food and song. The next day the fighting resumed as if nothing had happened, but for one day there was peace on earth.

Some told of the USO shows that they had attended and how much that meant to them. They were truly thankful for entertainers such as Bob Hope that brought just a moment of sunshine into their lives while they served their country in a far away land. Each of them spoke of how important the simple things they had received at Christmas time were to them. It may have been some cookies from a loved one, a letter from home, or even a battlefield turkey dinner. They all gave a tribute to their fellow soldiers who had given the ultimate sacrifice in battle.

It was very humbling for me to listen to these stories. I have a great respect for the men and women who have served this country to ensure that we are all free. My wish for the New Year would be for the people who are showing disrespect to our flag by taking a knee to hear stories similar to what I have described. I think they would maybe realize they are protesting at the wrong symbol, our flag which so many people have fought and died to protect.

May all of you have a blessed and joyful holiday season.

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