1/29/18: Increasing ROI on Lower Crop Prices

Before long it will be time to be heading back to the fields.  While we had a good fall and applied a lot of product, there will still be a considerable amount to do this spring.  With crop prices how they are it is hard to talk ourselves into adding on a whole lot of extras to gain a couple bushels of corn or beans but there are a few things that will give us a good ROI even with lower crop prices.

When it comes times to spread dry fertilizer we need to be adding avail to our phosphorus.  Avail will reduce the amount of phosphorus that can be tied up in the soil and will make it more available to the crops.  With that being said, we can apply a little less phosphorus since more of it will be available. 

When it comes time to start putting anhydrous in the ground I would recommend adding ACA to your tank.  ACA is ammonium zinc.  Many times when tissue tests are taken they will come back recommending that zinc be applied.  Adding ACA to the tank can help us get ahead of this problem.  It is also a cheaper alternative than applying zinc over the top of a crop. 

When it comes time to get back into the field this spring, give SFG a call to discuss how you can improve your ROI for the upcoming year.  


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