2/5/18: Introducing Kent Watson

My name is Kent Watson and I have just recently joined the Smith Fertilizer and Grain group as an Agronomy Specialist at the Albia location.  My wife and I have just moved to Iowa from Indiana when she was offered a position as a chemist with Cargill at Eddyville. 

I have a broad base of experience in all aspects of production agriculture which includes spending more than 10 years as a salesman and retail outlet manager with Pinnacle Ag and Helena Chemical.  No matter what position I was in, my goal is to find products and solutions that will provide the producer the greatest opportunity to maximize their yields while being economically sound and sustainable.

In the coming weeks I am hoping to meet as many growers as possible and if you are going by the Albia office drop in and say hi.   I also wanted to mention that I am a proud Purdue grad, so I hope you don’t hold it against me being here in Hawkeye and Cyclone country.

Hope to see you soon.


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