5/14/18: Spring Scouting

Spring has finally arrived and for many planting is almost complete as well as the first pass of spraying.  Over the next couple of weeks is an excellent opportunity to scout  fields to make sure the herbicide program is being effective managing weeds.  If we have to tweak our program now is the time to do it when weeds are still small and manageable.  Mother nature is always looking to throw us a curve ball and sometimes chemicals that have been very effective in the past may not be working as well this year.

SFG  recognizes the importance of providing field scouting to our customers and has hired two interns for the summer who’s primary responsibility is to provide scouting.  As crops grow and mature, it becomes more and more difficult to observe possible issues in the field at ground level.  That is one of the reasons why SFG has recently purchased a drone to help us be more efficient in locating and diagnosing potential problems that may not be observable from the ground.

Finally, communication is vitally important in helping us provide the best service possible to you our customer.  We will provide the latest information that we see in your fields and in the area as well, but it can be very helpful if you hear something at the sale barn or the coffee shop that can help alert us to possible issues or problems making us more efficient and effective in our scouting and planning.  It is a team effort to provide the very best products and solutions to help maximize the potential of your crop.

As always be safe and pray for some rain.

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