5/7/18: Field Scouting for Success in 2018

The past couple weeks have let us get a lot of the crop in the ground for 2018. In my 5 years at SFG I cannot remember a busier 2 weeks spraying, spreading dry fertilizer, and applying anhydrous.

As I am writing this we have had 3 rain events in the past 3 days that has brought us much needed rainfall. I have been hearing reports of .75 to 1.25 inches throughout my trade area.

 As planting starts to slow down for the year it is important to stay diligent on field scouting and keeping weeds at bay. Resistant weeds aren’t going away and the best way to control them is to spray them small or never let them come up at all. 

These nice rain showers we got paired with warmer temperatures will be germinating weeds in fields that do not have pre emerge chemicals on them yet and it is key to not let those fields get away from us before the crop is planted. If you have any questions or would like to look at a field this spring give your local SFG agronomist a call we would be happy to look over those with you.

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