6/13/18: Planning for Fungicide Application

So far this spring we have got a good start on getting our crops established and spraying is basically caught up to date as I am typing this. From my travels around the area this is as good of a start we have had on our crops in recent years.

Both corn and soybeans are coming along good and stand counts have been good most everywhere I have been. We are nearing the time we need to start considering some decisions on fungicide for this season. In recent years this has been a good ROI on both beans and corn. I have been talking to some growers about moisture concerns going forward and yes we are staying a little on the dry side so far this year in my area. With that fungicide can be used to reduce plant stress in hot weather and there has been some research done showing cooler canopy temperatures from a fungicide application vs. an untreated area. This allows the plant to “breathe” better in these weather conditions and focus more on producing higher yields than protecting itself. If you would like to discuss possibly applying a fungicide to some of your acres contact your local SFG agronomist we would be happy to come out and discuss that with you.

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