6/25/18: Prime Time for Tissue Sampling

With the growing season in full swing, it is now prime time for tissue sampling.  In-season tissue sampling helps us to see which nutrients are at satisfactory levels and which ones may need bumped up to higher levels.  By thoroughly reading the tissue test results, you are then able to make informed decisions about next years needed fertilization, whether it be fall-applied dry mixtures of MAP and potash, spring anhydrous, or a certain foliar feed early in the growing season. 

Earlier this year you may have seen my blog post about using the R7 Tool by Winfield.  The R7 Tool can help farmers track inputs and outputs down to the very acre. This summer, Smith Fertilizer and Grain will use the R7 Tool for tissue sampling.  The R7 Tool uses satellite imagery to create vegetation and yield potential maps for each individual field.  We can then use these maps to decide where to pull tissue samples.  If a vegetation maps shows an area of a field that appears to be less healthy, we can then drop a GPS pin and send the sampler right to that point to pull leaves for analysis. 

Earlier this year SFG was using the R7 Tool to create variable rate fertilizer maps.  With these maps, we are able to avoid over-fertilizing the lower yielding areas and under-fertilizing the high-yielding areas.  SFG still has access to all of our variable rate fertilizer maps, which we can then use in coordination with our tissue sampling.  We can then finely tune our fertilizer rates even more once we get the results back to compare with the fertilizer map. 

At the beginning of April, I wrote my first blog post about R7 and how the world of precision ag is advancing every day. In less than three months, R7 has become even more precise and detailed with more imagery, maps, and seed information.  Smith Fertilizer and Grain continues to be at the forefront of this precision technology as it continues to advance.  If you have any questions about tissue sampling, fertilization, or how we can help you with the R7 tool, please do not hesitate to contact SFG!

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