6/6/16: Every Icy/Snow Road's Nightmare, Husker Plus!

First round of dust control is now a cloud behind the truck! This year has been a record year for the number of customers located in Marion County. I really appreciate all of the cooperation and patience of all you bearing with us this first application season. For those of you who remembered to make sure your flags were out and visible, I really appreciate your effort. For those of you who forgot to put them out I highly recommend if you want your dust controlled sprayed exactly where you want it, get those flags out there! We are currently taking applications for the second round of dust control. Please make sure that you get your apps in on time. You can find these applications online in our road maintenance tab under your county for dust control or by clicking on this link http://sfgiowa.com/dust-control.  Thanks again to all of those who signed up with us for dust control. We appreciate your business and hope we can continue to provide you this service for many years to come!

On the winter side of our department, we are currently working on a proprietary product that we are very excited about. Husker Plus is a familiar name to those of you who have heard of our road maintenance department. Although this is a old product name, we at SFG have vigorously been working on a new formulation. We are proud to say that the new Husker Plus will now be a PNS approved product as a raw product as well as a PNS product when applied to the roadway. While many companies have products on the PNS QPL, most municipalities and state DOT’s are blending these with salt brine or other chlorides that are not PNS approved. This technically makes those original PNS products, no longer PNS approved. With Husker Plus, you can confidently say you are doing your part by putting on a PNS approved product on the roadways as a finished product. We can boast that Husker Plus will have a small inclusion level by providing extremely low freeze points. More information will be available shortly after Husker Plus has been officially approved by the PNS. For now, please continue to follow my blog which will contain updates on analytical testing results such as freeze points. We are extremely confident that this is the organic deicer of the future are very proud that we can say we are doing our part to leave this place better than those before us.

I know this is a busy time for most of you getting caught up with summer road work, but don’t forget that winter will be here quicker than you thing! If you have any questions about any of our products please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. Be safe out there and have a great summer!

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