7/9/18: Fungicide to Increase Yield

In our area the corn looks very good.  Growers who have been planting corn for over 30 years even say that it is the best it has ever looked. 

We have had timely rain and it has not been too hot for the most part.  Right now is a critical time for the corn.  I have been seeing some gray leaf spot starting to creep in.  With the corn looking so good right now I would hate to see diseases start to knock down yield.  A good way to keep out corn in place is by adding a fungicide.  Headline Amp is a good way to go.  Adding a fungicide will increase stress tolerance and increase photosynthesis to improve yield.  It will also keep the plant alive longer helping with stand ability which will make it easier to harvest.  It is best to apply Headline Amp at full tassel.  I would recommend using Priaxor on soybeans.  Disease and stress can cause soybean plans to lose lower leaves, eliminating an area for pod production.  Priaxor will protect the plant from disease and help increase stress tolerance, keeping the lower leaves intact.  If we can save 3 more pods per plant, we can increase our yield by around 9 bushel per acre.  If you want to keep your corn and soybean yields in place, applying a fungicide would be a good choice.  Give your SFG agronomist a call and we would be happy to go over fungicide options with you. 

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