The SFG agronomy department strives to build strong working relationships with our producers. SFG offers the latest in products, technology, and services to form a working relationship that turns into a profitable relationship improving your bottom line.
In the agronomy world, service is what sets businesses apart. SFG and our CCA agronomists pride ourselves on providing producers with the best agronomic products and services in South
Central Iowa.

At SFG, success isn't measured in tons, gallons or bushels. It all comes down to what will make each producer stronger and more profitable. We realize that an impressive array of locations and equipment doesn't guarantee farmers will receive what they need to prosper. To provide outstanding service, we begin by listening.

SFG is poised for the future and will continue to focus on the demands of today’s rapidly changing agriculture to better serve our producers. SFG provides our valued producers with the added benefit of another level of service; the old fashion personal kind of respect and determination to meet all your needs.

SFG currently has three agronomists that are CCA approved.

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