Dekalb Corn


A successful season takes more than quality seed. When you plant Dekalb corn, you'll gain access to tools and expertise that can help you all season long. No matter conditions, you'll always have an advantage

At Dekalb, innovation is in our roots. For more then 100 years, our expert breeders have advanced the industry with revolutionary crop solutions. We're proud to call ourselves leaders in breeding, but even more proud to serve the farmers that entrust their livelihoods to our brand. Dekalb is a national seed brand providing corn to farmers in all regions. The winged corn ear is a logo farmers have grown to trust.

Farmers across the U.S. are experiencing better performance on their operations year after year with the Dekalb brand. It's more than just innovative products. Dekalb farmers get a first hand look at the latest agronomic services and techniques to help increase production on every acre.

If you have any questions about seed products get in contact with one of SFG's agronomists and they will be glad to help you.