The SFG agronomy department strives to build strong working relationships with our producers; so as we deliver the latest in products, technology and services; that working relationship turns to a profitable relationship and improves your bottom line.



SFG understands the importance and impact your livestock feed has on your total farming operation. Our very own SFG nutritionists work to develop a variety of feed blends that meet your livestock demands and deliver top of the line results in every bag or mix. 



SFG has a goal to help you market your grain more effectively. We understand the challenges producers face when it comes to storing and marketing your crop every year. The SFG staff utilizes many years of experience to help you make those important decisions all while providing friendly, quality service right in your area.


Road Maintenance

At SFG we work hard to provide well rounded services including dust control and anti-/de-icing products. Our continuing efforts bring the finest technology and services to you year round.

Latest Blog Entries

Taylor Banks's picture Taylor Banks
The past few weeks have been more favorable weather to get corn out, and it seems most growers in the area are getting finished up on what has been a drawn out harvest this season. Now that we have...
Mark Young's picture Mark Young
Ideally, a good soil for crop production contains about 25% water, 25% air, and 50% soil particles.  The volume of water and air is referred to as pore space.  Anything that leads to a reduction in...
Greg Willer's picture Greg Willer
There has been a lot of field work done in the last week.  We have been busy applying anhydrous, dry fertilizer and Supergrow.  Before long the ground will freeze up and we will turn our attention...