Smith Fertilizer & Grain’s goal is to help you effectively market your grain. We understand the challenges producers face when it comes to storing and marketing your crop each year. The SFG staff utilizes many years of experience to help you make these important decisions while providing friendly, quality service.

SFG offers producers multiple grain services such as:

  • Custom Corn Drying
  • Daily Grain Bids
  • Deferred Payment Contracts
  • Grain Vac
  • High Speed Receiving
  • Marketing Contracts
  • On Farm Pickup
  • Storage

SFG is commited to provide top of the line service, which includes expanding and upgrading our facilities on a regular basis to meet your needs. We will continually upgrade our equipment as our business expands to meet your needs.

At SFG, “Service Is Our Specialty”. We strive to provide producers with a variety of grain services to meet their needs. SFG provides reliable service and professionalism to assist all producers in their pathway to success.

2017 Grain Policy Information-Click Here for PDF Document

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