Janis Boyd

I have been with Smith Fertilizer & Grain for 17 years. I chose to apply at SFG because I moved to a farm in Melcher-Dallas a few years before and wanted to know more about the farm life I was now living. I started out at the Pleasantville office as an Office Manager. At that time I had to learn everything about the office duties, Accounts Receivable and Payable, inventory, weighing and grading the grain, documenting in to the customer’s account and settling the grain to customers by checks.  I also learned quite a bit about feed by going to various feed seminars, setting up feed displays and waiting on customers.

Soon the Smith’s realized I loved detail work and knew a lot about the way they wanted the company ran. Because of my “detailed ways” opportunities for advancement started to come my way. They had me go to all the locations as they were acquired and help train the office staff the “Smith Way”. I enjoyed the challenge and meeting all the new customers. After the locations were set up I moved to the Knoxville office and have been here even since. Now, I do a lot of checking and special projects. I only work two days a week as I “retired” a couple of years ago. I enjoy what I do here and the people I am able to work with so it’s nice that SFG also wants me to be here a couple days a week. It is a win, win for all of us.

SFG is super place to work. It is constantly growing and changing, but the bottom line is the customer and what we do to help make their farm more profitable. I have seen a lot of changes but always the customer comes first. I think that makes a big difference in the way the staff goes about their daily duties.

Dedication is part of regular life here; it is what makes Smith Fertilizer & Grain different from other companies. Once at Pleasantville, a customer left his tractor and wagon running on the scale while he was in the office checking on his grain. The tractor started moving out to the street (no driver). One of the staff jumped over the guard rail on the steps, ran, jumped on the tractor and stopped it just before it get to the street. It is this kind of attitude with our staff that makes we want to still work here.

-Janis Boyd

17 Years SFG Employee (Semi Retired)