One of the biggest challenges is herbicide resistance; from our perspective, uncontrolled weeds create the biggest yield drag for soybeans.

There are huge challenges and opportunities with soybeans now and in the coming years. One of the biggest challenges is herbicide resistance becoming more prevalent. From our perspective, uncontrolled weeds create the biggest yield drag for soybeans.

If you are seeing resistance, or simply have been using the same herbicide for a few years, it may be time to make a change. The good news is there are more options now than there have been in the past, and even more coming down the road. Merschman Seeds offers one of the widest selections of options on soybeans available anywhere.

One technology where you’ll find superior leadership from Merschman is with LibertyLink® soybeans. We’ve been working with LibertyLink since day one. If you are finding your current fields have weed resistance to glyphosate, LibertyLink is the most reliable management solution available for you today. LibertyLink soybean varieties combine elite genetics and excellent crop safety with built-in tolerance to the powerful, post-emergence weed control of Liberty. High-yielding Merschman soybean varieties with the LibertyLink technology are available in a range of maturities.

Although there is a lot of talk about the different traits and herbicides, let’s not forget how important the seed treatment is for getting high yielding results. Merschman Seeds has been on the forefront of soybean seed treatment for nearly 60 years. And the Bonus Coated+™ treatments keep getting better; we’ve added even more protection to our standard treatments, giving you the best possible start for season-long healthy plants. Yes, Bonus Coated+ treatments come standard on all of our soybeans, you don’t pay extra for it.

Bonus Coated Plus Soybeans

Merschman Seed’s leadership in soybeans continues with high-yielding performers with Genuity® Roundup Ready® or LibertyLink®resistance options. But what makes Merschman unique is the Bonus Coated+™ seed treatment protection. We go beyond industry standards for the most complete disease protection available. University studies show a 2.4 BPA average yield advantage. And the best news? This is not an added option, we provide Bonus Coated+ seed treatment as our standard practice.

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