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At Pfister, we understand that every acre is important. We also understand that right soybean variety is just as important as the right corn hybrid. That's why we combine our industry-leading genetics with the latest trait technology to make sure you're getting a much productivity as you can from every field. It's one more way we're growing together.

If you have any questions about seed products get in contact with one of SFG's agronomists and they will be glad to help you.

Latest Blog Entries

Brad Kaufman
With corn starting to emerge and weather being cooler and a tad on the wet side we need to be on the look out for cutworms.  Cutworms have the ability to completely destroy a field if not caught...
Greg Willer
Right now we are a little behind schedule on planting.  Many fields were planted or worked and we had a plan in place to control the weeds.  The problem is Mother Nature didn’t look at our plans...
Taylor Banks
April 2017 turned out to be a wet month, but last week opened up to allow some planting and I even saw some corn up in my travels this week. With another round of rain moving in later this week,...