Pfister Corn


At Pfister we understand the responsibility that comes from being your seedsman. We have carefully chosen a group of hybrids we believe should be the focus on nearly every grower’s operation. Through extensive testing, these hybrids have demonstrated the ability to outperform all others across many growing environments. When it comes to putting your crop plan together, you can build with these hybrids. The foundation starts here.

Pfister continues to deliver " the seed you need" with our 2016 corn lineup. Handselected from top-performing germplasm and tested where you grow, these hybrids are ready to thrive.


  • Controls northern and western corn rootwork, European and southwestern corn borer, western bean and black cutworms, corn earworms and fall armyworms
  • Multiple traits expressed throughout the plant, attacking pests in multiple areas of the mid-gut, reducing the likelihood of insect resistance and increasing control.

Refuge Advanced

  • No separate refuge required in the Corn Belt
  • Convenient and simple single-bag solution
  • Available with POWERCORE and Smartstax

If you have any questions about seed products get in contact with one of SFG's agronomists and they will be glad to help you.


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