Super Grow


Nitrogen Source with Unique and Beneficial Characteristics. 

7-.5-1-4 ANALYSIS 140-10-20-80 (S)/ Ton


· Co-product from the Ajinomoto/Heartland plant. Licensed and approved by Iowa Fertilizer Law. 
· Attaches to the soil (positive charge ion) and must be released by soil  micro-organisms to be in the nitrate form (Same process that anhydrous ammonia goes through).
· Nitrogen form is 80% ammonium, 20% organic
· Super Grow is not susceptible to volatility like other nitrogen sources.
· Great for pasture and agronomy application needs. 
· Contains Phosphate, Potassium, and Sulfur while producing comparable yields to other forms of nitrogen without leaching in the winter.
· Environmentally friendly and safe.
· Organic material attaches to the soil and will not hurt earthworms.
PDF Printable Supergrow Information Sheet HERE